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Pimki  is a personal information manager based on the Wiki-clone Instiki. It is written in the programming language Ruby and integrates several different features, as mind mapping or wiki, making it a very powerful organizer for any kind of information. 

Pimki is a cross-platform software, which means that you can install it in any operative system, but the installation process is very complicated in any of them, requiring the use of an external application. It is, however, fairly easy to use, and combines the power of several tools to organize ideas, plans and projects, either personal or professional.

Even though it has many features and options, Pimki is actually very light and runs smoothly. The amount of possibilities makes it a very flexible program, which you can use to organize your life, using a wiki style planner. One of the most interesting features is the Bliki, a combination of blog and wiki, where you can write down your everyday ideas and then organize them as you see fit.

Although is a very powerful tool, the complexity of its installation process might scare the common user away. Also, the latest version available is marked as having been released in October 2007, which probably means that you shouldn't expect much support from developers or any future versions.

URL: pimki.rubyforge.org



Integration of many features such as wiki or mind mapping

Complicated installation process

Despite being feature-heavy is quite light and easy to use

Lack of development and support