About Us

Know-how is the very cornerstone of our competitive advantage and is strengthened with knowledge of trends in the field of ICT, problems of micro and small companies in both local and wider regional context, awareness of the processes and business reality from the perspective of the big international/multinational companies as well as of a small company and sole entrepreneur. We are proud of our genuine inter-personal relations with numerous business partners, unburdened creativity, and capability for thinking out-of-the-box.

Our Mission

Our Vision

SCS (Spisek Consulting Services Ltd.) provides consulting services to small and medium-sized companies that require external help in developing or reshaping their business processes, so they can re-focus on their core activities.
People: Being a great company to work for and to inspire people to become the best they can be. Profit: Maximizing return to all stakeholders while remembering our both individual and corporate values and responsibilities. Portfolio: Offering a well-rounded portfolio of consulting services to small and medium-sized companies. Partners: Building and maintaining a network of reliable partners through mutual trust and loyalty.