They say money is a powerful motivator. Everyone dreams of being rich or at least richer than they are. But many fall to disgrace because they did not know how to manage their hard-earned money. It takes the right mixture of managing and creative thinking to keep your funds secure and the ROI growing. Start using mind mapping and personal finance tracking will suddenly become much less problematic.

You might say this is just another creative way of writing something more on mind mapping, but it really can help you in these bear times. How can some silly diagramming and note-taking technique help in managing your money? Well, just try, it does not cost you anything except a little time but can help in preventing you to have to learn from your own mistakes.

Mind Mapping and Personal Finance

To begin with, while brainstorming your personal or family finances, you can easily represent the key findings graphically in order to visualize income and expense streams. If you have a PC, you can even use some mind mapping software or other, maybe even a web-based mind mapping tool. You will then see your financial data coming to life. You will be able to visualize relationships, proportions, sources, possible rationalizations and other ways in which income and expenses affect each other in your case.

By looking into the relationship between mind mapping and personal finance, we mean that you can keep track of your average salary and the relations to certain expenses you otherwise might not have noticed. With your salary and expenses laid out using a mind map, you might notice you have been spending a lot on cigarettes. You can switch to using tobacco instead of buying smokes, and start saving some money thanks to the relationship you found while creating a mind map. Or you could of course quit this unhealthy habit altogether. You might also find other problematic areas, which would also lead to saving more money.

You can see that being organized is crucial when it comes to tracking personal finance. Mind mapping can be very helpful as it enables you to have a better overview of your expenditure. Start your mind map now and save up that money!

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