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January 11, 2018
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Creative Thinking Using Mind Maps
January 11, 2018

Use Mind Maps to Overcome Risky Decisions

Mind mapping can help reduce risks

Life, as we know of today, is full of risks. The risk is not only present in the business world where a feeble decision can be fatal towards a company but is also present in our daily life. A definition of risk might be a possible loss or unpleasant situation which arises depending on certain conditions or happenings. Learning from previous mistakes is a good way to avoid another failure or loss but what if you were told that you can avoid making a mistake before learning from it?

As a matter of fact, a mind map can be used to overcome risky decisions in life. You can use Mind Maps to Overcome Risky Decisions it might be a health decision or business collaboration with someone else. Whatever the reason, mind mapping is a good way of thinking ahead.

How to make use of mind mapping tools as a method of brainstorming to assess risks

First of all, you have to understand the risk that is present. It might be personal risks such as accidents, illness or even death. It might also be a financial situation whereby you risk losing your capital, investing in a scam or even face a sudden drop in market shares. So, therefore, by using mind mapping software or web-based mind mapping tool, you will be able to assess and analyze the different risks that may arise and produce a solution to counteract the effects. You might also make use of mind maps as a means of note taking so as to evaluate the systems, structures and operations and see the possible risks involved in each of these areas. By diagramming the whole process, you can also see the vulnerabilities of your system and easily consult an external source which might be able to provide another solution.

Creative thinking and the use of mind maps is very useful in determining risks. Since our mind processes everything graphically, mind maps are a very good way of providing an unhindered flow of ideas. As a matter of fact, when you make a mind map, your mind can cover the whole idea, unlike the usual bullet point method.

When you want to create a mind map to assess risks, it is very simple. Start with your idea in the middle of a paper. Then start drawing out risks, may it be personal, financial or operational risks. You will notice that you will be able to generate more ideas that way. Then according to every risk you mentioned, try to provide solutions to them. Repeat the process till you run out of ideas. This way, after you complete the mind map, you will be able to figure out by yourself whether the idea was risky to begin with. If you can provide solutions to all or the majority of the issues, then you can understand that the risks are quite small. On the other hand, if the amount of risks exceeds that of solutions, you are better off not trying it.