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January 11, 2018
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January 11, 2018

Training to use Whole Brain with Mind Mapping

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Are you training to use whole brain? If yes, then mind mapping is the simplest and most effective answer. Let me ask you a question: Are you familiar with the term ‘ambidexterity’? This term is used to describe the ability to use both hands for writing or drawing and both. Famous individuals like Albert Einstein, Fleming, Harry Truman, Leonardo da Vinci, and Michelangelo were said to be ambidextrous. As you can see, it’s quite hard to use both hands with dexterity. If you’re a right-handed, you will find it hard to use your left hand in the same way as your right one, and vice versa. Do you think it is possible to achieve whole-brain thinking? Well, that’s not impossible because you can do that if you get to know your mind mapping.

Being ambidextrous can also be achieved if you’re able to do multiple tasks at the same time. For example,


you’re watching TV as you answer the phone; while talking over the phone, you will jot down important notes or information dictated by the person on the other end of the line. If you can do these things, then it can be said that both hemispheres of your brain are functioning. Unknowingly, most individuals are utilizing both hemispheres of their brain every day in accomplishing their tasks.

Training to use whole brain with mind mapping:

It is natural for an individual to have a dominant side of the brain as he or she ages. As we age we become attached to some activities or habits and this attachment stops us from exploring other options. Once you decide that you are training to use whole brain, you start finding and trying new activities. You need to train your brain and training to use whole brain using mind mapping has proven to be the most effective approach.

How can you identify a person using only his left or right brain hemisphere? To understand it better, you need to know the different qualities that depict the left and right side of the brain. The right hemisphere of your brain is responsible for your qualities such as having artistic abilities, being a risk taker, imaginative, creative, highly philosophical, etc.

While the left hemisphere of your brain is responsible for your qualities like being a conformist, practical, can comprehend effectively, seeks order, etc. If you’re a person who relies on strong intuition and acts subjectively and holistically, you’re a right-brain individual while the left-brain individuals tend to be analytical, logical, and rational.

The mental prowess of individuals depends on how they use the brain. If you try to observe children, you will discover that they are usually using their right brain hemisphere because they display spontaneity, imagination, great creativity, enthusiasm, and open-mindedness, right from that age you can put them on training to use whole brain. As an individual grows older, they also grow socially, culturally, and sometimes racial influences also hold back such natural traits.

If you want to achieve awareness at a much higher level, you must learn to be ambidextrous; that is, you need to use both hemispheres of your brain. The first thing that you need to do is to work on the learning activities that focus on the right brain hemisphere like analogies, metaphor, patterning, visuals, calculation, and role-playing. In order to develop the ambidextrous mind, you can get involved in meditation and reflective thinking.

Mind mapping is one way to achieve an ambidextrous mind. Through mind mapping, you can diffuse your thoughts, thereby streaming thought lines and associations. You can associate effectively if you can find the links to ideas and logic. If you try to explore the ideas and logic, it will eventually lead to creativity, insight, and imagination.

If you want to strengthen your perception clarity, dissemination, and vividness, try to make use of colors, symbols, and pictures in your mind maps. By using mind mapping, you can employ your brain’s subtle aspects.

Start learning about mind maps now; mind mapping is your key to achieving an ambidextrous mind. Whole-brain thinking is difficult to achieve so you will need to work very hard. Good luck.