Creately is a web-based diagramming and design application. It allows users to create mind maps, flowcharts, diagrams, UML designs, and several other diagram types. It is cloud-based but has recently made available a desktop application for offline use. Creately is an incredibly feature-rich solution and is quite easy to use when compared to traditional design and graphics software like Microsoft Visio. It provides pretty much all the settings and tools you would expect from such a program, plus it allows users to collaborate and comment in real-time. The collaboration options also include the possibility of creating private workspaces, where you can choose to share your work to your collaborators only when you want to.

When you create a new project in Creately, you can choose to start a blank document and build it with your own shapes, but it also gives you the option to choose from one of the templates available. As you work on your project it tracks every change so you can later consult the different versions and revert to one of them. You can also share your work with people who are not using Creately by sharing it via Facebook or Twitter or by exporting it to PDF or JPG.

Altogether, Creately is a very good solution with very few, if any, flaws. It provides all the features you would need in a simple and intuitive interface, with alternatives for both the cloud and desktop, making the collaboration very easy.

RATING: 4.5/5



Feature-rich and easy to use No export to SVG format
Very competitive prices
Real-time collaboration tools make teamwork easy

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