Bubbl.us cloud-based mind mapping app is a commercial application based on Flash. It has two paid subscription services, Basic and Premium, as well as free accounts, limited to 3 saved maps. Though not a feature-rich application, it impresses by its simplicity and the freedom provided by its layout. In fact, the best feature in Bubbl.us probably is the fact that there is absolutely no limit to what you can do once you start creating the bubbles. You can, for example, move them freely around the screen, change their parent bubble or connect them from any level. The only limit is the size of the screen.

The application is very fast and responsive, even when maps start to get crowded. As you start developing a map, the bubbles on each new sub-level appear with a slightly different color from the previous one, creating visually appealing and easy to interpret maps.

The interface of Bubbl.us cloud-based mind mapping app is simple and stays out of the user’s way. There is only a minimal toolbar with basic options and an account sidebar that can be minimized to increase the screen space available for work. As most mind mapping web-based applications, it allows collaborative real-time work, as well as chat within the application. It is possible to export maps to HTML and image formats and also embed them into websites.

Bubbl.us really impresses with its simplicity and ease of use – the controls are simple and intuitive and it will not take you more than 5 minutes to learn how to use it. The freedom provided by its layout is its strongest feature. It is only a shame that the feature set is so limited, especially when it comes to visual and import/export options.

URL: www.bubbl.us



Very loose layout Limited set of features
Fast and responsive Lack of import/export features
Easy to learn

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