Cacoo is a web-based real-time collaborative tool that allows users to create different types of diagrams, including mind maps, flowcharts or sitemaps. Since it is a web app, it does not require any installation – the only thing you need to start using it is an account. The basic features are available for free, but in order to use the application to the fullest, you must have a “Plus” (paid) account. The main selling point of Cacoo against competitors is the fact that it is totally web-based, which gives the user the possibility to access projects from any computer with an internet connection.

Since it runs on Flash, it is highly interactive and allows real-time collaboration. Also, you can embed any project into a website or blog, and any changes you introduce will be automatically updated. On the downside, since you are not using an installed application, you will not be able to use it at all in case your Internet connection fails.

Cacoo also has a very extensive library, containing most of the typical UI components you would need, from wireframe components to user icons. You can export your projects into several different formats, including PDF and SVG, but if you are using Cacoo’s free account option, export is limited to PNG format.

RATING: 3.5/5



Real-time collaboration No offline mode
Rich library Free account export is limited to PNG format
Low learning curve

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