Debategraph is a web-based collaborative tool. Its purpose is to create visualizations or arguments and ideas in a collaborative manner, with a focus on public policy issues. It was formed with the goal to increase transparency and the quality of the debate on complex public issues. Debategraph allows any registered user (accounts are free) to create or edit maps for public discussion. These maps are a mix of mind maps and a wiki-style website since anyone can collaborate to expand and improve an existing map. The intention is to get people to contribute to a discussion with their own knowledge, linking expertise from various people, and thus allowing people to reach better conclusions or a consensus in a conflict situation.

The openness of the creative process has called the attention of several political institutions. Both the White House and the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office have used it, as well as media outlets, such as The Independent or CNN. It is also being used by universities with the purpose of accumulating the knowledge available for both teachers and new students. Its non-linearity also makes it more productive than a traditional wiki-style website.




Makes public debate easy Needs more graphics
Simplicity and ease of use Accuracy of info can be an issue
(Optional) private maps

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