Imagination Cubed collaborative mind mapping is a cloud-based drawing tool developed by General Electric. It is a free application that can be used to send a simple sketch or visual information. Imagination Cubed is a truly simple application stripped of complicated options to allow users to do one single thing: draw. The greatest feature it has is the possibility to invite a friend to draw with you.

This can be used for a moment of fun and relaxation, but it is not hard to imagine two co-workers using it to work together or share schematics or visual notes. Since it tracks all the changes made to the drawing and replays them, it is also possible to use it as a simple diagram tool.

Imagination Cubed Collaborative Mind Mapping Software

Though simple, it does offer some options to the user. Besides the pen that you can use to draw freely around the screen, there are also geometric shapes and about a dozen stampers, which include figures like a heart, a flower, or an explosion. One annoying problem with Imagination Cubed is the absence of an option to download your drawings. The option “save” only allows you to receive a link in your e-mail inbox, so you are never allowed to actually keep a copy of what you draw, having to rely on the website if you ever want to see it again.

Despite this annoyance, Imagination Cubed has its charms and is a great alternative for simple drawing, be it for personal or professional use. The possibility to invite friends for collaborative real-time drawing is the top feature of an otherwise simple application.




Simplicity and ease of use No option to download
Collaborative drawing in real-time Exceptionally limited features
Ideal for quick sketching

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