Training to use whole brain
Training to use Whole Brain with Mind Mapping
January 11, 2018
Improve Studies with Mind Mapping
Improve Studies with Mind Mapping
January 11, 2018

Drawing Mind Maps Free, Online and on a Paper

Drawing Mind Maps Free, Online and on a Paper

Drawing mind maps are fairly easy, whether you choose to use drawing maps online, use mind mapping software or draw a mind map on a piece of paper, you are covered. Mind mapping, which is also referred to as a brainstorming diagram, involves jotting down a central idea on a piece of blank background then thinking up of related topics that are to radiate out centrifugally. Through focusing oneself on a central idea, a wider scope can be outlined because of the connection of one idea from another. Focus is the tool that is to be used when writing own ideas and words, observing branches that serves as connections between one idea to another. Mapping is very helpful in understanding and remembering new and vital information.

To help you in making mind maps easily and efficiently we have outlined some of the key steps below. You can follow and adapt these steps for making mind maps on a paper, drawing mind maps free on a software or drawing mind maps online using tons of tools available.

Tips for Drawing mind maps:

Tip 1 – Make relationships

Like familiar strangers wherein you are connected because of a friend of another friend, that is how facts and information should be accurately intertwined with one another. You can use arrows, colors, lines and even branches

(like that of a tree part) to be able to show the possible connections of ideas being generated inside your mind. Relationships of one idea from the idea are important for one to understand the derivative of the new information patterned out through the construction of the map. Personalized mapping denotes own designs and symbols which can be effective for visualizing relationships meaningfully related to one another. Plus, it will help you recall and understand every “branched out” information.

Tip 2 – Do not judge, pause or edit

Linear thinking is the concept wherein these three elements are present. In mapping, analyzing is only secondary. What is important is the very thing that pops out your head while focusing on the idea. But you have to be sure that whatever pops out your mind is direly related to the topic otherwise you have to use your reasoning ability to pattern your thoughts. Modifications can be done in the later stage of analyzing the entire concept of the idea. It is important that you allow yourself to be flexible that every idea can be included in the map for as long as the puzzle fits. Sometimes, the obscure topics are the ones that make sense. It is possible to edit mind map online and mind maps in a mind map software easily as compared to using a mind map on a paper.

Tip 3 – Be specific in drawing mind maps

Write down only what seems to matter and not the entire idea. Use keywords and phrases but not an entire sentence or paragraph. Be brief but straight to the point of what you want to convey. Use capitals in order to get only the important key points. You can write down notes which explain your keyword which can be located at the bottom of the word.

Tip 4 – Centralize the idea

Always put the idea in the middle of the page and not in corners. Students prefer that it is more useful to focus on a landscape type of view. Because the topic or main idea is placed at the center of the page, It will give you a maximum space for other related ideas to radiate from the center. As you continue to master the art of mind mapping on a paper, using mind mapping software or mind mapping online tool, you will be able to start from any point or any view of the paper.

Tip 5 – Spacing

Some of the most significant mind mapping notes are those that have spaces left for further note-taking add ups. You can also choose to highlight some of the important information which the lecturer or your boss has reiterated. Spacing is good to provide additional information to join the picture.
A good mind mapping is the one that is overflowing with appropriate details from the past and present.

If you follow these mind mapping tips, you will be able to start drawing effective mind maps in no time. Please note that using a paper to draw mind maps or using a mind mapping software are equally effective. Depending on your taste or the situation you can choose either of the methods and the mind mapping tools online is one of the easiest ways as well.