Looking back at the history of mind mapping, we can see that artists and mind mapping have a very strong bond. Maintaining a certain rhythm and a state of mind is not possible all the time. Mood changes, circumstances change, and not everything always happens as planned. It is difficult to continue working regardless of the environment and circumstances when it comes to being an artist – creativity is a must and once the moment has passed, you sometimes cannot create a real masterpiece anymore. You need some system that would help you preserve the essence of the moment, enabling you to make the same masterpiece even once the moment of inspiration is long gone. This means you need to create the mindset of that moment, which is definitely possible to achieve with a well-drawn mind map.

Leonardo da Vinci is a famous artist and studies reveal that he was ambidextrous – capable of using both hands for writing and drawing. Some say that da Vinci utilized mind maps to complete his works of art. Because of this, a lot of artists, as well as writers, are now considering the use of mind maps in completing their works.

Relationship Between Artists and Mind Mapping

Focus and planning are the key elements of a successful project. The focus is a very important factor in completing art projects and mind mapping can aid artists to keep themselves focused despite interruptions or distractions. A creativity project needs undivided attention, which is not always possible and the slightest distraction can ruin the concentration or, much worse, mess up the entire project. In order to keep the focus on their projects, artists need to utilize mind maps, which enable them to stay on the right track and pick up where left off. If an artist uses mind mapping, the project can be left alone for a couple of days or even weeks and the person will still be able to finish it as it is much easier to pick up the concentration.

Creative individuals are very lucky because not everyone can bring out their creativity, especially as they grow older. They are very gifted, being capable of visualizing and recreating certain tasks and masterpieces. However, artists are also human and relying only on your memory can lead to forgetting the key elements of a project. Mind maps can guide the artists in completing their projects without missing anything. With the mind map, the artist can identify what he or she missed in a glance.

There are times when artists experience blocking points restricting them from continuing with their project. This would not be a problem if they utilized mind maps because they would know where to pick up and easily understand the overall picture again. When the project’s flow is blocked, take a look at your mind map again. You will easily identify the problem and be able to solve it. Once the problem is identified, it will be very easy to come up with solutions and proceed with the completion of the project.

If you are an artist and you want to balance the conception of ideas, try to learn about mind maps are so that you can use them to your advantage. Artists are not just concerned with their projects but also with other concerns of their lives. There are times when their minds get cluttered and so they lose focus. The creative thinking is enhanced with the use of mind maps and therefore we recommend using the artists and mind mapping combo. Get all the necessary information resources about mind mapping and see how it works for you.

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