Creative thinking using mind maps is like using a catalyst in a chemical reaction. Very few people are gifted with innovative thinking. These people can take advantage of mind mapping because it suits them perfectly since mind maps consume skills found in imagination, creativity, flexibility, and organization of ideas. According to psychological research, creative thinking has 4 elements which include the use of shapes, colors, unusual elements, and dimensions. Aside from that, creative thinking can also adjust conceptual positions and create a response to appealing objects. If you want to promote creative thinking, mind mapping is a very effective tool to achieve just that.

Creative thinking using mind maps can aid in completing the thinking process. A mind map is considered as an essential tool for mnemonic principles and creative thinking. If you can apply the appropriate techniques and facilitate them correctly, you can find lots of innovative ideas – more than a group brainstorming session can generate.

Creative Thinking Techniques Mind Mapping or Creative Thinking Using Mind Maps

Creative thinking has five stages, and they are as follows:

Mind mapping burst (Quick-Fire) – choose an interesting topic and draw a central image to represent it. You can use a blank paper or any other material that you can write on. The ideas that radiate from your mind should be indicated on the page. Try to generate ideas for twenty minutes. Even if some ideas seem absurd, jot them down because there are times when these ideas serve as the key to breaking bad habits and coming up with new perspectives.

1st Reconstruction and Revision – do not overexercise your brain. You can take a break and then try to integrate the idea you have generated. Create another mind map but this time, try to categorize the preliminary ideas. You can build hierarchies and identical ideas should be given attention. Through mind maps, individuals can explore and grow. Mind mapping gives you a stress-free environment and lets you work as per your Creative thinking using mind mapsease and schedule.

Incubation – when you are at rest, running or sleeping, there are times when you experience sudden realizations. During this stage, the thinking process can create probable breakthroughs. This is the stage where you do creative thinking using mind maps just in your mind. You draw maps and relationship in your imagination and when you come back to your paper, you just transfer them.

2nd Reconstruction and Revision – try another mind map burst because, at this stage, you have a fresher perception. Integrate all the ideas and info found in the initial mind maps and try to create the final comprehensive mind map.

Final Step– after you have created a comprehensive map, you can now look for the realization, decision, and solution since this was your original goal.

These are the five stages of creative thinking. So you see, creative thinking using mind maps can actually lead to amazing conclusions. In recent years, mind mapping has become easier as compared to the time when it was first introduced. Today you can even find software focused mainly on mind mapping, which can be of enormous help. The software is widely available online and you can purchase it anytime, however, there are even some free versions you could try. Computer-based mind mapping is just like the traditional method of mind mapping. It is up to you whether you will make use of the traditional way or the modern way of mind mapping. Hurry and try to experience the 5 stages of creative thinking. You will surely be surprised by the explosion of innovative and creative ideas. For those who do not have any experience with mind mapping, you can consult the experts online or you can find a local mind mapping expert.

Let mind mapping help you in uncovering your creative thinking so that you can use it in your everyday life. Mind Mapping Site is your resource for utilizing the answer that you seek, whether it being creative thinking using mind maps or other, this site has all the information. Now it is time for you to practically implement these techniques.

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