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April 29, 2014
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Optimizing Mind Maps
May 3, 2014

Ways on How to Improve Mind Mapping

A mind map with the tips for improving memory

The software made for mind mapping owns the most comprehensive tools that can be used in order to create a clearer and concise map, visually. These concept maps are able to communicate different kinds of knowledge and information with such elaborate clarity. But even so, the effectiveness of the map depends on the person who will use it. Here are some Ways on How to Improve Mind Mapping

Optimize your map contents

Your map is not only meant to clear up things for you but also for others. Somehow, you have to relate your ideas to other people in order for them to understand what you are trying to convey. Utilizing your maps for others to understand must need severe analysis because the people will definitely have critical eyes for giving out their comments. There are so many questions that you are to encounter. Questions like “Does your map make any sense?” or “Was it written clearly or was it just too ambiguous to comprehend?” Judgments like these are to be expected that is why it is important that the contents of your map are optimized to the fullest of understanding that people can see right through.

Use one map as your basis

Think of it as a master map that controls all your other maps. Meaning, it is just one map that contains the contents of the other maps that enables the organization and quick access to all the diagrams that you have created. This will enable you to organize projects and knowledge in such a way that makes sense to you and, well, to other people who will look at it the other way around. Your personalized links to maps should provide you with a measurable leap of productive ways.

Use only one map with one specific purpose

An idea must be reflected in the same aspects of the branches. The ideas and information should be on a single purpose or topic. In order to stick to best results, you have to stay focused on the same subjects and the content must convey the issue to you. Don’t put irrelevant topics that will just put you in big trouble. Once your map becomes complicated branching out into different diverged areas, consider that you have to break the map into small sub-maps.

Do away with unnecessary information and clutters

Sometimes, designers of mind maps get too carried away that the end result doesn’t make sense anymore. Maps that are too cluttered are quite difficult to fix and worse, the person can get stuck on an idea and has no option of going forward or moving back. Generally, your ideas must be briefly keyed inside your map. Your topics should be summarized statements which are persuasive enough like news headlines. If ever you wanted to add details and additional information under that category, leave spaces so that you can include it when that time comes.

Be consistent in Ways on How to Improve Mind Mapping

To avoid confusion, you have to be consistent in every aspect of your mind mapping. The line styles, color, visual elements and even colors must follow a single order. Each of these elements can help convey more meaning to your map’s concept if used in a systematic and consistent manner.
Using it haphazardly can result in chaos and may eventually confuse the people who may see it.