Gliffy is a cloud-based commercial diagramming application based on Flash. It is a paid service but gives users the possibility to create a free account with a limited set of features. The Premium service does not have a fixed cost but a price per user, therefore becoming an interesting alternative for small and medium enterprises. Gliffy can be used to create any kind of diagrams, including flowcharts, data flow diagrams, organizational charts or even floor plans. To create the diagrams, Gliffy provides an extensive shape library, which can be complemented by the user importing its own images.

Gliffy Cloud-Based Mind Mapping App Usage

Despite having plenty of features, Gliffy is not a complicated tool to work with. The user interface is reasonably simple and the website has several examples to help users start with their projects. These examples are coupled with tips and explanations that are very useful for beginners to start understanding what they can do with Gliffy, and how they can do it. Just like most diagramming web-based applications, Gliffy maintains a detailed revision history, so you can revert to any former version of the document. You can also easily share and invite other people to collaborate on the project. It is also possible to export your work, but only to image formats, an area in which there is space for improvement. Another change that would be welcomed would be removing the need to sign in every time a document is opened.

All things considered, Gliffy is a very solid product. It does not have a steep learning curve but still has enough features for users to get the job done. The examples and explanations provided on the website are a great starting point for beginners.




Rich shape library

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