A mind map showing Mind Mapping Basics
Mind Mapping Basics
January 12, 2018
Mind map about a topic showing the thinking process
Mind Mapping for an Easier Life
January 23, 2018

Mind Mapping and Writing

A mind map with the tips for writing

Everybody writes essays, summaries, reports, theses and other documents. There generally is a lot of places where writing is crucial. Imagine if you wrote a whole essay without planning, what do you think would happen? You would probably mix up ideas and omit more important ones. Or you might even get stuck and not have any more ideas to continue with. Then you would have to start your essay again from scratch. By then, your time would be very scarce, not allowing you to complete your task in due time. The solutions, mind mapping and writing techniques.

Now imagine applying mind mapping to it. By doing that, you would visually be learning a lot more about the key points that can be written. The whole idea of using mind mapping to plan your writing is to have all the key points at hand, see how they are related/connected, thus increasing your ability to write it down quickly and accurately to continue the workflow smoothly.

But how to go about applying it to writing tasks? For example, if you were taking an exam, having a few titles to choose from, which one to go for? If you felt confident about two titles, but not sure if you could finish your task with the material at hand if you chose the more appealing one? Why not use a mind map and some little note taking to help you out? Start off by taking down anything that comes to mind when you think about a title or topic. Then do your mind map by applying some diagramming elements to it. Put the topic in the center, now including the relationships between all the key points, you noted earlier. Once done, you would have no problem in seeing how much you know and how much you can write. Do it again for the other title and proceed with the one you have more ideas.

Example of Mind Mapping and Writing

Another example. Imagine working in a newspaper editing job. You have a lot of hot stories to do, but you are not sure which one would fit in the allocated space you have. So again, use a mind map, but you can go for a mind mapping software since you can use a computer. There are also some web-based mind mapping tools if you do not wish to install anything on your computer. Anyhow, try to use any mind mapping tool you have and you will see that the same thing would happen; you would immediately see which one is more worth it for a restricted space.

There you have it. No matter what kind of writing you have to do, no matter if you call it lack of inspiration or writer’s block, the mapping will probably point you in the right direction.